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Elections and referendums, political parties

Since its creation, the Venice Commission has been active in the electoral field, in particular, through the adoption of opinions on draft electoral legislation. The Commission has also taken part in the drafting of legislative texts in the electoral field: the most typical example is that of Albania, where the Commission took part in the drafting of electoral legislation in 1997, 2000 and in 2003, in the framework of the bipartisan commission. In 1997 the Commission was even asked to write a first draft election law for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Commission co-operates closely with the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (OSCE/ODIHR). Most opinions related to electoral legislation are drafted jointly by these two organisations.

Among the states that have co-operated regularly with the Commission in the electoral field one can cite such countries as Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine. The Commission has been active, on a more occasional basis, in a number of other States, for example in the Swiss cantons, in Croatia, in Moldova, in Romania and in “the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”.

The Venice Commission works also on questions related to referendums as it was the case in Montenegro.

Since 2002 the role of the Commission in electoral matters has been reaffirmed through the creation of the Council for Democratic Elections. Moreover, its activities include seminaries, training workshops and missions of assistance. In order to give electoral laws certain stability and to further the construction of a European electoral heritage, the Venice Commission and the Council of Democratic Elections developed the principles of the European electoral heritage, in particular, by drafting the “Code of good practice in electoral matters", which is completed by other reference documents.