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Existing Commitments for Democratic Elections in OSCE Participating States: A Progress Report


This progress report was prepared by a group of international law experts with experience in electoral and human rights practices. The experts were: Hrair Balian, Director of Special Programs at the Geneva Center for Security Policy and former Head of the ODIHR Election Section; Michael Boda, Wolfson College, University of Oxford; Vladimir Goati, Institute of Social Sciences, Belgrade; Daniel Finn, Consultant, International Law & Public Affairs, Califon, New Jersey; John Hartland, Consultant, Center for the Comparative Study of
Elections, Strasbourg; Vladimir Lysenko, Member of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation, Moscow; Patrick Merloe, Senior Associate and Director of Election Programs, National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, Washington, DC; Gerald Mitchell, External Consultant,
Brussels; Jessie Pilgrim, Legal Consultant, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Steven Wheatley, Senior Lecturer in Human Rights Law and International Law, University of Leeds, Leeds. The ODIHR acknowledges the contribution of Pierre Garrone and Martin-Micallef Gael from the European Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission) in Strasbourg. Dan Finn is the principal author of Parts One, Two, and Four. Part Three is primarily based on the OSCE/ODIHR Draft Paper “International Standards and Commitments on the Right to Democratic Elections: A Practical Guide to Democratic Elections Best Practice”, prepared by Jessie Pilgrim and submitted by the ODIHR to the OSCE Permanent Council in November 2002. Hrair Balian, John Hartland,
Patrick Merloe, and Steven Wheatley provided extensive comments on various parts of the present report.